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Integrated Discrete Multiple Organ Co-culture

The Integrated discrete multiple organ co-culture (IdMOC) is an in vitro experimental model for biomedical research. The IdMOC technology was developed based on the concept that the multiple organs in a human being (or animal) are physically separated but interconnected by the systemic circulation (i.e., blood).

IdMOC uses a wells-in-a-well concept, with cells from individual organs seeded into each of the inner wells, and then interconnection of these physically separated cells by flooding the inner wells with an overlying medium.

IdMOC can be used to evaluate drug toxicity, drug metabolism, drug distribution, as well as anti-cancer drugs for cytotoxicity, efficacy, and mechanism of action. It represents a more complete in vitro experimental system than the commonly used single-cell-type in vitro systems.


IdMOC Workflow

IdMOC Detection of Selective Toxicity

In previous in vitro systems, each cell type was studied in isolation, ignoring critical interactions between organs when metabolizing drugs. This led to the possibility of many factors such as inter-organ toxicity going unrecognized in drug evaluations. The IdMOC models in vivo multiple-organ interaction, thus allowing the evaluation of organ-specific effects of a drug and its metabolites. Customize your array of cell types as required. Inquire for further details.

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IdMOC Technology

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