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APSciences, Inc. is proud to present our products, which encapsulate over 30 years of experience with the application of primary cell cultures in the evaluation of xenobiotic properties. These products are manufactured by our dedicated staff scientists and have been vigorously evaluated for best performance before they are made available for sale.

We are especially proud of our proprietary Integrated Discrete Multiple Organ Co-culture (IdMOC) plates that have been granted a U. S. Patent. The IdMOC can be used as an in vitro model of an organism (e.g. human).

Your feedback on your experience with our products is always appreciated and I welcome the opportunity to provide you with answers to any technical questions. Please feel free to contact me by email: lialbert@apsciences.com.

Dr. Albert P. Li, PhD
CEO and President


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IdMOC Technology

IdMOC Generation 2 plates now available.
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